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Carol, you really are one of the most authentic people I know. Words just cannot express the gratitude I feel for having you in my life. Thank you for your strength, courage and commitment. Thank you for listening to me and believing in me. Thank you for your honesty and patience. And thank you, thank you for leading by example!!!

The work I've been doing with you has been indescribable, wonderful, scary, amazing, enlightening. I feel like I'm losing my balance to find my REAL balance. I am re-prioritizing on every level, learning how to take better care of myself in order to fulfill my purpose of helping others. My self-awareness has skyrocketed - it's like this light bulb that keeps getting brighter and brighter. I am seeing the interconnected-ness of everything, understanding how the challenges I face in my life are really these amazing gifts and opportunities to grow. Knowing this is helping me to open my heart, to be more loving and patient with myself because I am finally UNDERSTANDING the root of my anger, fear and sadness - where my obstacles are coming from. Already, it has had a wonderful impact at work and in my personal life. The issues that come up with my clients and loved ones are always related to the work I'm doing on myself. Carol, your guidance and support are truly amazing. Thank you for helping me to listen and to honor myself. I love you!

— M.F. Massage Therapist

Wholistic Counseling

My feeling is that as we hear each other's stories, lovingly and with compassion, we begin to heal our woundedness. We can all give each other counsel; it's a gift freely given. Sometimes we may wish to seek counsel from someone who has walked a little further on the path.

Since 1984 I've had the privilege of walking the healing path with many courageous people. It’s what I love to do. My counseling practice is wholistic. I honor the whole person, addressing all aspects—physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Each session is three hours long, enough time to explore issues and sink into healing work.

Sharing your history is an important part of the process. Bringing trauma out of the darkness and into the light is healing in itself. We’ll explore what health and wholeness look like, and you’ll learn how to love and nurture yourself. We’ll examine your beliefs and conditionings, and see which may be distorted or untrue. And we’ll focus on your goals and aspirations. What you value and care about. Then I’ll show you how to create what you want.

The journey to health and wholeness can begin at any age. Making the commitment is the first step. And if you’d like some counsel along the way, I’m here. Each person I've walked the healing path with has been a blessing in my life. I learn from my clients as much as they learn from me; a healing relationship is an equal relationship.

I love people. I love listening to their stories, honoring their woundedness and helping them heal and love themselves.

In-person Wholistic Counseling sessions are available to anyone living in the area. If you live farther away, you’re welcome to come for a retreat to begin the healing process. Then we’ll continue our sessions by phone.