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I have been going to Carol for over a year and I had no idea how much my life would change after meeting her. I see her for a 3 hour counseling session every week. I have many wounds and fears that I wanted to heal but did not know how. I had chronic back pain for the past 15 years and had been going to a chiropractor and having Acupuncture, Massage and Cranial Sacral therapy regularly. My pain was under control as long as I went to them but would come back if I stopped. I have also tried affirmations, a 10 day meditation retreat and raw food diets. Nothing helped long term. I was in constant fear of everything and everyone around me. I felt trapped. Life was a struggle and I kept asking myself, "What am I doing wrong? How can I fix myself? How can I be happy?"

Carol helped me understand the reason for my fears and pain and has taught me many tools to gain clarity. She is helping me heal my fear, sadness and anger which I have suppressed all my life by releasing my trapped emotions in a safe and appropriate manner. She is always there for me with her unconditional love and support helping me in every step of my healing journey. Whenever I feel stuck in between sessions, she is always available by phone and email. What I love most about her is that she encourages me to find my own answers by asking the question, "What do I want?" She also helps me get in touch with my inner self, my guides, rather than telling me what to do and being dependent on her. She has helped me grow in ways I could never imagine, empowering me to be the person I truly am. Thank you Carol.

I have experienced every type of abuse growing up. I was an unloved and unwanted child. I used to feel a huge hole in my heart which I would fill up with excessive shopping, surrounding myself with things I didn't want, traveling and binge eating. I used these as a means to numb the sadness and hurt of not being loved and wanted. Not anymore. I have paid off my credit cards and I am not using them as an excuse to run away from my hurt and pain. I release my trapped emotions, freeing myself more and more.

Life is beautiful and a blessing now and I owe it all to one of the greatest teachers—Carol. I have done 2 retreats with her, a 3 day Custom Retreat and a 5 day Healing Retreat. They helped me go deeper into myself and touch my core issues. The retreat is one of the most loving things I've ever done for myself. Seva Deva is a beautiful place surrounded by a lush garden. There were healthy tasty meals, many memorable conversations with Carol and her husband Dan, and 3 hour counseling sessions every day. I left with so much peace and light, thankful for being able to experience that much love in my life. Doing this healing work with Carol is a blessing for me and my family.

— P.G. Montessori Teacher
    San Diego

I recently separated from my husband of 27 years and googled “healing retreat San Diego.” Seva Deva was just what I needed! It’s a safe and peaceful place for a retreat. I had in-depth guidance consisting of 3 hours a day of emotional exploration with Carol’s plethora of wisdom and healing modalities; a private downstairs apartment for sleep, solitude and rest; an Eden-like garden in the back yard; 3 meals a day with Carol and her husband, Dan, along with their warm hospitality and wonderful conversations. I'm so happy I found Seva Deva!

— B.D. Teacher
    San Diego, CA

I discovered Seva Deva Healing Center at a time in my life when I’d almost given up on finding a way to heal the emotional pain that was haunting me. I felt like I was stuck in a sink hole and no matter what I tried to do to change my situation, nothing seemed to help. Every aspect of my life was affected and every day was difficult. I became paralyzed with fear for several years. Carol taught me a process of healing my emotions that I could physically feel, and as I started to feel better in my body, I wanted more. This emotional release process has changed everything in my life. I’m grateful to Carol for showing me how to take care of my emotions, and I’m excited to be back in the flow of life! Every day is now an opportunity to heal more by using my new tools. Thank you, Carol, for teaching me.

— C.G. Pilates Instructor
    San Diego, CA

I found Carol at a very difficult time in my life. From an objective perspective, everything was going fine: work, finances, family, etc. But I felt increasingly anxious, disconnected, and inexplicably exhausted. I decided that if I started eating even more healthy and exercising even more, I would surely be able to fix whatever was wrong with me. But after raw vegetable fasts, long runs, and a clean bill of health from my physician, nothing changed. That is when I decided to reach out for help. I had no idea when I first walked through Carol's warm and inviting door that I would be starting a journey that would change my life. After only a few sessions, I felt like I had known her my whole life.

I saw Carol for weekly three-hour sessions for about four months. The longer sessions allowed me to fully commit to the process, and each one was transformative. Carol helped me identify the deep emotions that had been bottled up inside of me for years, guiding me through a process of releasing my anger, sadness, and fear in a compassionate and patient way. I left our sessions with a deep sense of calm and hope. Carol also taught me how to set boundaries, and how to honor my emotions and my body. It’s been difficult and sometimes painful, but without doubt, every aspect of my life has been positively impacted by the work we did together. Carol provided me with the tools and insight to help me follow a path of wholeness and self awareness. I will be forever grateful to have had her in my life.

— S.L. Attorney,
    San Diego, CA

I saw Carol weekly over a period of 4 months. The sessions were a time to slow down and – with Carol's expert guidance – delve into the thoughts and feelings that limited my life. She has a gentle yet piercing manner that deftly glides to the heart of your issues. Then the healing tools at her disposal get to work – unearthing pain, and expressing repressed emotions. I saw positive changes in my being every week. The time with Carol was an investment in myself that is continuing to pay rewards.

— H.A. Entrepreneur
    San Diego, CA

Carol did not change my life. She gave me the tools to allow ME to change my life. It hasn't been easy and my work is far from over, but the incredible difference in my outlook, perception, and emotional well-being from one year ago has made every difficult moment worth it. Carol is tough and won't let me slide by with my old patterns and excuses. That is exactly why I came to her (or perhaps why I "found" her) – to be called out on all those things I wasn't even aware I was doing. She is kind, loving, perceptive, and honest. She is also human and willing to share her own vulnerabilities and stories about herself to help one on one's path. I am forever grateful that she has walked with me, alternately holding my hand and kicking my butt, on this part of my journey in healing.

— J.G. Writer
    San Diego, CA

I was fortunate enough to stay at Seva Deva Healing Center for a Custom Retreat. This space was my haven, my cocoon, my little oasis. I journaled like a mad-woman, read wonderful books that were readily available on the bookshelf, self-reflected under the avocado tree in the beautiful garden, and had many heartfelt talks with Carol. This was the place where my weary head rested, as my heart unloaded its fears, and where my soul's song became audible.

My special talks with Carol would be in the form of counseling sessions or random chats in the garden as we sat side by side next to the lemon tree. When I was in Carol's presence I sensed this unconditional love and undivided attention radiating from her. And it was in this energy that magical things began to happen. I suddenly felt I could give myself permission to just "be."

Dan, Carol's husband, was also a wonderful supporter in my unchartered journey. My heart smiles at the memory of the three of us sitting around the dinner table having our lively discussions and feeling so completely understood.

My experience during my Custom Retreat was just the beginning of something truly special. What a gift, what a gift, what a gift!!!

— P.G. Teacher/Coach
    Vancouver, Canada

My Seva Deva experience helped me re-align my mind, body and spirit in order to solidify my commintment toward healing. Coming into this retreat I was off-balance, foggy and emotionally unsettled. By spending nights at the healing center I was able to find peace within, hearing my true self and connecting with my inner desires again. I am forever grateful to Carol, Dan and the space they provided to encourage my healing heart.

— A.T. Emerging Author
    San Diego, CA

I found myself feeling lost and unhappy in my life. I could experience happiness at times, but I didn’t feel fully connected with myself or with anything outside of myself. The work I had been doing was just a routine and the dreams I once had were slowly becoming far off fantasies. For a long time I contemplated that there must be more, and if I thought about my years when I was younger I knew I felt more alive and full of spirit then. I wanted to feel that again, but I didn’t know how to get there.

After searching online I happened to come across Carol’s website for Seva Deva. I read about her life and her journey and started to feel more intrigued with such dedication to finding one’s purpose in life. I went on to read about her methods and the work she offers, and felt like I found what I was looking for. Her approach seemed like the right fit for me, and I decided to do a Healing Retreat.

In our wholistic counseling sessions Carol listened to me intently, sharing so much wisdom. She taught me how to build my new foundation, which is a clearer platform for discovering who I am, why I feel the way I do, and how I want to live my life. We created a vision. Through hard work and difficult realities of learning about myself, Carol was a caring guide, gently walking me through my inner work. This became the catalyst to enabling me to nurture my emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual being. Now I have the tools I need to become whole, and to trust that the universe is here for me. I have the ability to live connected to my spirit and uncover all the love that I always had within me. I can once again hear, listen and trust my intuition, as I have no doubt it is what brought me to Carol and Dan and Seva Deva. I am forever thankful for this moment in my life.

— M.P. Landscape Architect
    Philadelphia, PA

As often happens to me in the winter, I was feeling a growing sense of bottled up emotions. I needed to express myself in all my horrid glory! I felt that such a process of emotional release was not only critical for my well being, but would help reveal my true dharmic path. I found Seva Deva on line and resonated deeply with Carol's story and her approach to healing.

During my Healing Retreat the attention Carol gave me was undivided and full of care. She provided a safe space to feel everything and anything. The love I felt resonated in my soul. Thank you, Carol, for sharing your healing gift with me and so many others.

— E.J. Founder of Shepherd's Dream
    Montague, CA

It is difficult to put into words how grateful I am for the time I spent at Seva Deva. Carol was willing to go with me to places that very few Souls dare visit. As a result of her guidance and unbending faith in the process that she teaches, I was able to jumpstart my emotions and reconnect with an essential piece of my Self. The gardens also provided a great place to relax and reflect. My love and gratitude are forever with Carol, Dan, and the home they call Seva Deva.

— E.B. Special Ed Teacher
    Venice Beach, CA

The Healing Retreat I did at Seva Deva offered me the tools, the space and the support to facilitate profound life transformation. Carol and Dan offer their home as a spiritual sanctuary for those drawn to life at a deeper level. Carol's various healing modalities worked in concert to awaken my higher Self into this life. The well of listening offered was unconditionally accepting and cleansing. I would recommend Seva Deva to anyone ready to take their life to a new threshold.

— C.F. Artist
    Boulder, CO

The gardens of Seva Deva are heavenly. The time of rest and peace energized me. During my Custom Retreat I benefited greatly from Carol's expertise as a wholistic counselor and the modalities that she offers. My heart overflows with gratitude for Carol and Dan and what they have built in San Diego.

— K.S. MA, ED, Education Supervisor
    Birmingham, AL

I have seen Carol on an almost weekly basis for the last year and it has been such an amazing journey of healing and self-discovery. This was my second Healing Retreat, and I did some wonderful emotional release work, as I was able to stay connected, receive powerful guidance and explore deeper parts of myself. Every day I am getting better at loving myself and making time for myself. I am profoundly grateful to Carol and Dan for welcoming me into their home and sharing their love!

— M.F. Massage Therapist
    San Diego, CA