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After completing my Five Day Healing Retreat, I was thinking about all that I had just learned, and how I would then transfer these new tools to my everyday living away from Seva Deva. Although I was confident in how I now approached each day and my awareness for nurturing my emotions, I was concerned with getting caught in my old intellectual patterns without Carol’s guidance to help me stay focused and balanced. I knew that ongoing support would be essential if I truly wanted to assert the new shift I was experiencing and also to continue my inner healing.

Upon my return home, Carol and I immediately continued with two hour phone sessions each week and for the last five months. I can say without a doubt, if it wasn’t for this continuation I would have found it extremely difficult to not only stay focused, but also to seek the answers to the ongoing questions I was having. In the days in between our phone sessions, I could feel so much coming up emotionally and also the power of my intellect, trying to re-direct me from seeing the truth within myself, because of its painful realities. This is what it had been doing most of my life, and by the time our scheduled appointment came I had so much to ask and talk about. Each session helped more and more to remind me that what was really happening came from my usual fears and doubts, and that those fears and doubts were brought on by deeper feelings of sadness and anger deriving from past experiences. Without the ongoing support from Carol and her knowledge and insight, it would have been very easy for me to slip away from what was truly happening and find myself once again living mostly in my head.

When I decided to open up to this work and really change my life, I considered it to be an investment in myself and my wellbeing. What I have gained from the retreat work and the ongoing follow-up counseling with Carol is continually showing benefits within me. It has allowed for a better flow of life energy to open up in me and the people in my life.

— M.P. Landscape Architect



Seva Deva Healing Center

It's a privilege to share Seva Deva Healing Center with people who are walking a healing path. We offer a Five Day Healing Retreat and a Custom Retreat, and provide you with your own clean, comfortable, private space. You’ll have a separate entrance to a cozy living room, large bedroom with a queen bed, and full bathroom. You’ll also be served three wholesome, organic, vegetarian meals a day. The garden overlooks a canyon and has many beautiful sitting areas.

If you’re seeking a safe, nurturing environment and professional guidance to help you on your healing journey, please read the descriptions of the two retreats below, as well as the Recommendations page.

Five Day Healing Retreat

We’ll have meals together and the rest of the day is yours to relax in the garden, read, nap, journal or go for a walk. We can also do an additional counseling session in the afternoon. You’ll leave with powerful tools to help you come back to a more balanced, peaceful place.

Follow–Up Counseling

A Five Day Healing Retreat is the foundation—the beginning of our journey together. An important component of this deep, inner work is to provide you with on going support while you put into practice the tools you’ve learned here. Without support, I’ve found that people easily slip back into old patterns.

This approach to healing yourself and your emotions requires time, patience, and commitment. It’s not a quick fix. But after dedicating myself to this work since 1984, I know that healing repressed emotions is life changing. That buried beneath your anger, sadness and fear is an abundance of joy, creativity, love and peace, waiting to come out. So please, listen to your heart, and if you feel ready to shine the light on this part of your journey, it would be an honor to share my knowledge and wisdom with you.

For those living outside of the San Diego area, follow–up counseling consists of a two hour weekly phone session for six months. If you live close by, we’ll schedule three hour counseling sessions for as long as is needed.


Accommodations and 3 meals per day - $150
Three hour Wholistic Counseling session - $300
Two hour phone counseling session - $200

Custom Retreat

When you come for a Custom Retreat at our healing sanctuary you give yourself the gift of time—to slow down, relax and unwind. You’re welcome to stay for a day, a weekend, a week or longer, depending on our availability. You’ll have three nutritious vegetarian meals each day, and if you’d like a little guidance and support, we can schedule some counseling sessions while you’re here.

Please see the Retreat Photos and Garden Photos for a view of Seva Deva Healing Center. We look forward to sharing this sacred space with you.


Accommodations and 3 meals per day - $150
Three hour Wholistic Counseling session - $300